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Obambu Web Hosting Review

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$0.89 / mo.

Reg. Price $10 – Get 28% Off!

About Obambu

Obambu offers different hosting packages but also more complete machines for sites receiving many monthly visitors. Let’s first look at the basic hosting, which I recommend for launching your first site. Solo hosting is the cheapest, maybe even the cheapest on the market. In any case, it’s the cheapest hosting I’ve had the opportunity to test personally. On Obambu’s Solo hosting it is possible to host a single website. The available space is 50 GB, more than enough for a first website. In addition, there are 2 databases, enough to have a beta test site on a subdomain in addition to the main site. The management of the hosting is done via the cPanel which is a simple tool to take in hand. There is no lack of resources concerning the use of cPanel. Note that all Obambu’s offers are without commitment, which allows you to try without being forced to continue paying in the long run if your project fails. The cost is minimal: 0.89 €/month, that is to say 10.68 euros per year, to which you have to add the costs related to the registration of a domain name. You need a budget of about 20 euros for the year, which is a very small amount considering the income you can generate online.

Obambu General Info & Hosting Overview

Specification Value
Anti-DDOS protections, anti-malware, anti-spam
24/7 support
Unlimited Traffic
50 GB
Upgrade to the higher plan at any time without service interruption.
60-day money back guarantee

Advantages of Obambu:

The big advantage of Obambu is that it is not very expensive. For performances comparable to OVH, Obambu’s hosting + domain name cost you about 20€ per year. In short, almost nothing.

Recently Obambu launched dedicated hosting offers. The offer was very attractive: 300 GB of disk space, 4GB of RAM, 2 vCore and 1 dedicated IP. All dedicated for about 50€ per year. In short, it should be super fast! And indeed at the beginning I was totally bluffed! I even did multi-site and it worked really well.



Obmabu Prices, Hosting Plans:

Pros & Cons of Using Obambu Hosting




Obambu is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a completely hassle-free web host for your WordPress site. For bloggers and businesses who want to stop wasting time on technical details and find a WordPress host that just works, Obambu is perfect. Developers and freelancers will find that Obambu’s advanced features will save them time on WordPress development for clients. And growing businesses will find plenty of room to scale up their hosting as their traffic increases.

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